Brazilian plane's cargo door opens midair

When a Brazilian plane’s cargo door opens midair, netizens are impressed by passengers’ calmness.

The plane landed safely in Sao Luis.

An alarming event that was caught on camera occurred in Brazil when the cargo door of an airplane opened while it was in flight.

The Brazilian musician and composer Tierry, along with the members of his band, were being transported aboard the aircraft as they made their way back home after performing in Sao Luis, Maranhao.

The video showing the cargo door of the airplane opening was sent to Twitter and published by the page Breaking Aviation News and Videos.

The passengers were sitting quietly as the plane continued to fly gently above the clouds. At the Sao Luis Airport, the landing was successful and without incident.

The caption of the video reads, “The aircraft of Brazilian singer and songwriter Tierry safely lands at So Lus Airport after the cargo door opens while it is in flight.” The Twitter website claimed in another tweet that “The Embraer-110 operated by NHR Táxi Aéreo was transporting Tierry and his band members after a show in So Luis, Maranho when the incident occurred.” This information was provided in reference to the time that the incident took place.

The plane was hovering above the clouds as the passengers sat calmly.

The video was uploaded on June 14 and has received a total of 1,480,000 views as of this writing. The passengers’ ability to maintain their composure during the terrifying event left many Internet users in awe.

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