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TVPayz Demo showcases a platform that allows users to create their own TV and movie channels filled with trending content in just a few minutes. The software provides various features for channel customization and content management.

The video begins by highlighting the process of creating a TV channel. Users can set up their channels by providing a channel name, uploading a logo, and importing a channel description. The software also offers a search feature to find live shows to add to the channel.

Once the TV channel is created, users can publish it immediately or schedule a specific date for its premiere. The platform allows users to manage multiple channels and add various movies, TV shows, and live TV shows to each channel.

Monetization options are available through banner ads and affiliate marketing. Users can search for movies, TV shows, or series from a vast library of over 2 million content pieces. Depending on their subscription plan, users can add banner ads to their TV channels and choose the position and template. The platform supports affiliate marketing through JVZoo, Warrior Plus, Clickbank, or other affiliate platforms.

To add banner ads, users select a product on JVZoo or Warrior Plus, request approval for the affiliate link, and create a banner using the link. The video demonstrates how to add banner ads, including video banner ads with specified durations and positions.

TVPayz also offers various options for call-to-action buttons, such as “book now” or “download now.” Additionally, users can enable Google video ads on their channels to get paid per view when viewers watch ads.

The platform enables users to manage their channels and added banners in the “manage channel” section. Users can earn money through banner ads and video views on their TV channels. Clicking on any banner generates income, and ads shown during movies earn money per view. Custom banners can also be added, earning users a 50% commission upon purchase.

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